Commercial Electrical Testing

Commercial electrical testing and inspection

The general usage of electrical fittings and appliances in and around commercial buildings is much more strenuous than can usually be found in domestic properties, which is why commercial electrical testing is required for the general safety of people visiting or working in business premises and also, to meet statutory health and safety requirements.

Industrial locations such as warehouses and factories may seem more prone to having damaged electrical equipment but many office environments expose staff and visitors to all kinds of risks due to having too many electrical devices on too few sockets.

We can advise you on which type of testing your organisation will need once we have more information from you, but typically you can expect to be looking at a selection of electrical installation condition reports (EICR), fixed wire tests, periodic inspections and PAT testing subject to circumstances of your own property.

Electrical testing ensures that several different aspects of the electrical system are working properly. It also makes sure that an employer sufficiently complies with regulatory standards to avoid regulatory penalties for noncompliance, negligence or unsafe work environments.

In addition to the regulatory bodies, insurance companies place an obligation on their clients to carry out periodic electrical testing on their insured premises. In such instances where the tests are not completed within the timeline, the insurance policy becomes invalid.

Furthermore, commercial testing has to be carried out by a trained electrician who has experience in this type of electrical testing, if the person conducting the test is not qualified  the test will not be valid which will invalidate the insurance policy. IO Power electricians performing commercial testing are all fully trained and appropriately qualified.

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